It comes in 3's

I miss my facebook account....

I have recently lost three things very dear to me.... I am feeling more alone than ever, it's as if my life has been deleted. No contact with the outside world. I still mourn the loss of those three.

it might be true that bad news comes in 3's. why?
  1. I crashed my Chevy Equinox and will not feel the road until....(thinking, calculating, counting) most probably until the year 2020!
  2. I deleted my facebook account, all my friends from back home are all gone! (AM NOW SPENDING MY TIME AND EFFORT INTO MAKING IMAGINARY FRIENDS. Let me tell you that, it's harder to make friends as you get older.... Total imaginary friends: 1 (and he's only on loan from my kids)
  3. I ran over my cell phone, my beautifull sony Xperia
Enough said!


Ruidoso silencio...
Resonando por todos mis cuartos.
Vibrando en los oidos...
Los cantos de todos tus muertos.
Pisadas sobre el techo...
Murmuran muchos secretos.
Silencio, tan fuerte
No dejas pensar!

been very stressed..... so stressed I decided to cut my hair short... I needed a change. So, in a couple of days i'll post my photo and you can comment on it since, everyone here is so closed minded and wont say anything about it... or is it that I look that bad?????!!!!!!!!!


I still haven't decided if googling is good or bad.....

Last night D and I couldn't sleep because Chris was snoring very loudly and all of a sudden everything got super quiet.... I heard crickets outside my house, a dog knocking over a trash can, the stupid fat cat running across the roof (probably coming to shit on my yard), and the neighbor fighting with one of her kids.....
They were the longest 10 seconds of my life.... I never wonder about the pause between breathing until my son did it and it seemed longer than normal.... D and I both moved to shake him so that he would breath again..... He did it several times last night.

I finally googled his sympotoms and if it's correct he has OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) His symptoms:
Snoring (you can hear them in the next room)
Pausing in breathing while asleep
Restless sleep

This isn't the only night that he has done this....I guess it's time for a doctor's visit.

Volverte A Ver (movie)

I watched the movie and liked it..... god knows why? I'm a sucker for happy endings... it's the last video(4th) on the right, the other's suck!

Baby names?

I now have a big weight I was carrying around lifted off! I had been very anxious these past 2 weeks because.... get this, I thought I was pregnant yet again!!!! Yeah, dumb foolish me! So, thankfully I am not. I went to get some blood test done and that cleared it up! Want to hear something worse…… I’ll keep you guessing… care to guess what it could have been???

Shocking News

Last night, around 2 a.m. I received a shock. I was disconnecting an electric cable from the bathroom when an electric shock started from my left index finger and passed through my arm. It was shocking, LOL. It takes you by surprise every time it happens. It’s happened to be about 4 times since last year. I would have to say that the one that happened about 4 months ago was the biggest shock. T hat one happened while I was mopping…. I have the tendency to dry my hands on the sides of my shirt so, what happens when you are barefoot , wet, and about to connect a lamp? Yeah, you already guessed. I ended up with big purple bruises on the sides of my stomach….
The plus side to all of this is that I was reading online that doctors use/used shock therapy for patients who had depression… (correct me if I’m wrong). So, suddenly I wasn’t feeling all that depressed! LOL :)